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Hi everyone, welcome to Maddie & Nana's Place. This blog is for Maddie. She has been scrapbooking for almost a year. She wanted her own blog so that she could enter challenges just like her Nana. She is learning to do everything crafty by herself. Maddie has her own ideas, her own "stuff" including my old cuttlebug. My daughter has been scrapbooking for years and now her oldest loves it too. She wants to do her own computer input so please be patient. Nana spoils her and she has been playing on our PC for a while. She loves YouTube and only needs a little help with spelling. At least she will allow me to help, even if it's only to tell her how to do it. She always wants to do it herself. She mastered my ATG gun in no time..lol We hope to have fun together.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some New's

Note from Nana:

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you all know that Maddie is now a Girl Scout!  Yippee lots of fun and lots of work...lol  This means she will be taking a break/or  stepping down from some of her DT work.  She has thought long and hard and has decided she will be concentrating on her Girl Scout activities.

We all know what that means....yikes Nana's all in too...lol  I am sure Maddie will still be making cards and such, right now she is working on  a book of drawings.  She tells me she's not ready to share those yet....of course she still wants to be a Fairy Princess...lol

I am sure we will be posting goodies in the future...lol  Oops, one more thing...her arm is fully healed and no one can tell it was ever broken.

Bunches of hugs, Maddie and Nana Marjo

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