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Hi everyone, welcome to Maddie & Nana's Place. This blog is for Maddie. She has been scrapbooking for almost a year. She wanted her own blog so that she could enter challenges just like her Nana. She is learning to do everything crafty by herself. Maddie has her own ideas, her own "stuff" including my old cuttlebug. My daughter has been scrapbooking for years and now her oldest loves it too. She wants to do her own computer input so please be patient. Nana spoils her and she has been playing on our PC for a while. She loves YouTube and only needs a little help with spelling. At least she will allow me to help, even if it's only to tell her how to do it. She always wants to do it herself. She mastered my ATG gun in no time..lol We hope to have fun together.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday DT Card for Kaylene

Nana's Note:  Maddie is still in summer mode, I am pretty much in summer mode too..LOL  Look I have posted our DT cards 2 day's early.  Oh well we gotta have some time to play!  Maddie made this little  " Joy Ride" DT card for Kaylene's Birthday.  Wags'n Wiskers is our wonderful sponsors for Kona Kid Krafter' 5th challenge.  They have some gorgalicious stamps!

Maddie did this card totally by herself.  I saw it when she was completely done. She did a wonderful job.  Oh yeah, she may be free from posting her creations for now but, she still has to do her duties as DT and comment on all the entries....  We entered this cutie into the following challenges:

Everything Maddie used came from my stash except the digi.  Here's what she used to create her card:
  • Wags'n Wiskers "Joy Ride" Digi Stamp
  • Happy Birthday garage sale stgamp
  • Scallop & Circle Punches
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Funky scissors
  • Ink
  • White, brown and orange cardstock
  • 2 Prima flowers
  • brad
Thanks for looking, Maddie loves to read her comments!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Desktop Calendar

Nana's note:  Maddie is way to busy being a social butterfly to do her own post!  She is at an overnite so she doesn't have time to come to Nana's house...lol  Maddie made this cute little desktop calendar box at our montly crop.  Lorraine was kind enough to share this sweet project with us.  Maddie used all the stash she had to offer.  She kept the embellies to a minimum, just some bling and ribbon.  She did not want to add a sentiment or stamp...go figure.  I think she just had to go and check out all the other's progress and raid the chocolate cake!  We entered this into the following challenges:
She used all of Lorraines stash..

Thanks for looking, Maddie loves her comments.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Card for Gracie

Nana's Note:  Maddie is still in summer mode!  She made this card for her sister's birthday and our Kona Kid Krafter's challenge.  She worked on 1 layout for her scrapbook, her 5 progressive cards for our next crop and said I'm done Nana.  That means I gotta do the whole post again...LOL  That's ok it summer she has her mind on fun, fun and more fun.  She still wants to do all the creating just not the posting.  It must be too much like school work...Oh well .

Whiff of Joy is our sponsor for our Kona Kid Krafter's Bling it Up challenge.  It's a good thing I have several of their cute stamps.  Maddie used mostly her Stickles, she did borrow some of mine..ouch!  She decided to use her Watercolor pencils and not my copics...joy joy.  She scavanged my scrap, found some cute Polka Dotted DP and ribbon.  She used her own flower bling and butterfly.  She learned how to use Nestablities all by herself, no coaching..hehehe.  We entered this cutie into the following challenges:

Thanks for looking Maddie love's to read her comments!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Collin's Happy Birthday Card!

Nana's Note;  This is the second card Maddie made last night.  It will go to her BFF's little brother Collin.  He is having a birthday this month too, he will be turning 4.  Maddie created this entirely on her own.  She had already been busted using my copic's earlier, so she had permission to use them even though I was in another room.  We'll see how that went.  As I said before, she told me she would be sure to "click them shut and that she would use a light touch....OMGosh that was really hard!   She prefer's my Copic's to anything else.  My daughter Jamie can't believe that I let Maddie use them.  I told Jamie to keep her scrap borrowing hands off them...LOL  We entered this little cutie into the following challenges:

Here's what Maddie used to create her card:
  • Bugaboo Digi, Beach Monkey
  • Happy Birtday Stamp ?
  • My Copic's
  • Funky Scissors
  • Bling gems
  • Ins
  • Funky Scissors
Thank's for looking, Maddie adores her comments!

Happy Birthday Card for Uncle Dion

Nana's Note:  Maddie is still in summer play mode. She is too busy playing with her friends to do any posts today...LOL  Maddie made a couple of Birthdy cards last night.  Needless to say, she got into my Copics without me...ugh.  She told me she made sure they clicked shut.  OMGoodness!  I decided to trust her.  If any of them dry up she will be giving me foot rubs for enternity...ROFL 

Maddie made her 2 Birthday cards in record time.  She did not even ask me for any suggestions...wah waah waaah!  She only asked me if she could put Stickles on her card.  I told her only if she uses her own.  Everybody loves to use my stash, I draw the line on Stickles!

Maddie made this card for her Uncle Dion's Birthday on Friday.  I think she did a great job on it.  She needs a little more time getting used to my Copic's, heck I have a hard time staying in the lines sometimes.  We entered this cutie into the following challenges:

This is what I think Maddie used to create her card:
  • Fishing Beary, Di Digi Stamp
  • Happy Birthday Stamp
  • Funky Scissors
  • Unauthorized use of my Copic's!
  • Blue, Pink, & ? Stickles
  • Marvy circle  and corner punch
  • Cardstock and DP from my stash
Thanks for looking, she may be to busy to post, but she always makes time to read her comments!

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